About Us

Imagine a community where business leaders, government and utilities all worked together to help people lower their power bills, become more sustainable and create employment all at the same time.

This is what NEXGEN is all about!


A team of community leaders from a variety of industries working together to grow the adoption of smart-energy in our region.


To help guide the transition to smart energy by working with industry leaders while supporting education, research, service and collaboration.

Leadership team

Mark McAloon

Founder & President

Mark has always been both an entrepreneur and an energy geek. His career has kept him close to all the things he loves in building sciences, business and energy. He is a graduate of both Power and Mechanical Engineering Technology with professional designations in related fields.

When Mark is not working on a new project or out meeting new people, he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife, Melissa and their three children, Jessie, Lucas and William. They all live in the Kennebecassis Valley.

George Georgoudis

Director & Board Chair

A well-respected community business leader known for his community involvement and outstanding leadership within his own family chain of restaurants, Vito’s Restaurants. George brings a unique set of skills and qualities to the NEXGEN group that will help ensure our business continues to grow strong roots in the community.

George believes the future for all of us lays within our abilities to……

Jennifer Higgins

Director & Board Member

Along with being a key member of her family owned group of insurance companies, Higgins Insurance, Jennifer brings the experience of several leadership positions from a wide range of organizations, including the local Chamber of Commerce. Jennifer is a member of our board and brings a unique opportunity to help NEXGEN create new professional business networks within the community.

Jennifer believes moving to a clean energy community is good for business and good for the next generation because…..

Jamie Kindred

CFO & Board Member

Being a computer programmer, a registered Chartered Accountant and a Co-Founder of Turnball and Kindred, Jamie brings a tremendous amount of experience and numerical brain power to the company.

Wanting to brighten the future for his community and his own children, Jamie believes…..

When Jamie is not crunching numbers, he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and family in the Kennebecassis Valley.

Zack Spear

Partner & Advisor

Zack is one of the founders of ICS Creative Agency, a multi-award winning marketing company located in Saint John, N.B. With a strong focus in business management and keen eye for new marketing initiatives and partnerships, Zack is a great asset to fast track NexGens marketing efforts.

When not working, Zack can be found in the KV area with his girlfriend Kelly, and their two dogs. He is constantly looking into start-ups and opportunities to get involved in fast tracking their growth.

His ideal future for our community would be a busy and self-sustaining one.

Mike Capson

Partner & Advisor

Mike is the other half of the ICS Creative Agency and brings several unique skill sets and talents to NEXGEN. An award winning photographer and senior web developer, Mike brings a wide range of talents to the team.

He Enjoys…..

Can be found…..

He believes that the energy future of our community will be….

Paul Palmer

Partner & Advisor

Known for his successful industrial electronics, computers and lighting retail store, Munro’s. Paul brings exception leadership, experience and perspective to the team. His unique network in the contracting industry, along with his high-quality product expectations, makes him a perfect fit for our growing team of professionals. While working to help future generations, Paul sees our mission as being…..

When Paul is not working on his business, he can be found spending time with his beautiful wife and family in Saint John, N.B.

You can now view and purchase NEXGEN Smart-Energy products directly from Munro’s located at 61 Marsh Street in Saint John, N.B..

Kendall HIggins

Partner & Advisor

The original founder of Higgins Insurance, Kendall is a well-respected pillar of entrepreneurial success in the local community. Kendal now tries to spend winters away from N.B. but still enjoys staying connected to his roots in the community.

Kendall believes the future of us all will depend on how we manage our resources. Clean, simple and smart.

James Higgins

Partner & Advisor

James is the President of Higgins Commercial Insurance and brings a wealth of knowledge and vision to the NEXGEN group of companies. He holds a degree in History and…..

When not at work, James can be found…..

He believes the transition to a clean economy will mean….

Harrison Teed

Partner & Advisor

Harrison is a successful entrepreneur known for the business he built named Pristine. A unique lifestyle clothing boutique, located in the historic Uptown district of Saint John, New Brunswick. Pristine was established in 2013, drawing influences from the art, music, and action sports scenes. The store offers clothing and accessories exclusive to not only uptown Saint John, but the East Coast as a whole. Harrison also built a successful skateboard brand, the artificial project as owns and manages several investment properties.

He believes that if we all work together to begin moving our business towards a clean economy we can…..

Greg Hemmings

Partner & Advisor

Hemmings House along with Greg’s award winning production experience has taken him all over the globe: directing and producing work in Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, the Arctic and all of the Americas. He is a member of the order of Wallace McCain Institute and attended the prestigious National Screen Institute. He recently won three awards at the Banff International Television Festival. Greg Hemmings is the CEO and founder of Hemmings House Pictures.

As a founding member and advisor to the Board of NEXGEN, Greg sees the overwhelming value of people working together in shifting to a clean economy. Greg is an advocate of the B Corp movement and key to advising NEXGEN to be involved with this space.

When not working on film or advising boards, Greg can be found spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Dave Veil

Partner & Advisor

Dave founded Vision Coaching several years ago in Saint John N.B. Since that time, he has travelled around the world providing professional leadership training to countless organizations looking to better understand this important part of sustainable business.

Having recently added a new member to the Veil family, Dave sees the importance of a clean energy future as being…..

Dave lives in the Kennebecasis Valley where he enjoys….

Andrew Holmes

Partner & Advisor

As the Account Executive for Pattison Outdoor Advertising in Saint John & Fredericton, Andrew brings a strong customer service perspective as well as a unique skill set in connecting with the community. Andrew is a people person and we are excited to have him as a Partner and Advisor.

When Andrew isn’t working up new marketing ideas, he can be found spending time with his wife and daughter, or looking to make the next shot at any local pool hall.

His perspective on the Smart-Energy industry may be cliché, but it’s also true.. “Smart-Energy is the future, and the future is NOW”! By taking customer demands and matching them with environmental benefits, this industry is going to have an extremely positive impact on the way we live, work and play in New Brunswick.

Jeff Sherwood

Partner & Advisor

Jeff comes from four generations of real estate entrepreneurs, Royel Lepage. He has built a truly incredible network of both friends and professional contacts throughout the Saint John and Kennebecasis Valley. It is no surprise that Jeff makes a valuable board advisor.

When not selling properties, Jeff can be found playing outside with his two boys (Owen and Parker), or spending time at his family cottage in Grand Lake.

Jeff’s vision for our energy future is……