Smart Choices… We continuously seek out advancing smart technologies that would benefit our community and test them ourselves before selling them to our neighbors - NexGen


Buy many of these smart products directly off the shelf at our local retail partner Munro’s

These systems have a built in heat pump right on the top of the water heater! They easily swap out with your existing electric water heater and start saving you money right away.

Energy Recovery Ventilators (ERV’s) are more efficient than Heat Recovery Ventilators and won't dry your space out in the winter.

Know more about the energy you’re buying in real time.

The world of energy and technology is changing fast. Find out how to save money with a power bank.

Grills on the floor and large duct-work is old tech. Smaller, quiet, more efficient smart duct heat pumps are now here.

These small heating appliances can make a big difference if designed properly.

Put a hat on your house by adding insulation to your attic. We work with a network of professionals to ensure this is done properly.

We find leaks and seal them up!

Connect to your home in a new way.

Catch up to smart with these new light switches.

Answer the door without having to be home!

Know as soon as water hits the floor.

Automatically shut your water off.

It's time we catch up to the rest of the world and take advantage of our amazing solar potential!

The rest of the world is ahead of us on this one… but we are catching up!!

These evaluations are critical in designing a clear path to becoming smart with your energy usage.

Turn your furnace into a air cleaning machine!